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Plastic Bags
Any see through bags would do the trick. These are for holding any evidence relating to the paranormal that you may come across.
Since paranormal activity is thought affect barometric pressure, it'd be useful to take one along during your investigation.
A camera is a must have when investigating. I've recommended 3 great quality cameras, all with 3x Optical Zoom. You may also want to purchase a tripod if you're a little shakey with the camera.
Compasses can be used for two things. Navigation is a given, but also it will react to any electrical or magnetic stimuli that may be unusual.
Digital Voice Recorder
The optimal device for recording EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon).
Dowsing Rods
Although a contraversial method, dowsing rods may be useful for picking up a ghostly presence. This one comes with a manual.
EMF Detector
Use this to pick up electronic fields over different frequencies. Paranormal activity may be occuring if the fields are disrupted.
Paranormal activity can often drain the power from batteries. ALWAYS take spares.
First Aid Kit
It's always useful to have a first aid kit. You never know when you might need it during the hunt.
Headset Communication
If you have a large team, it'd be wise to have proper communication methods. I recommend a headset communication system, this way you can be hands free during the investigation.
Use this device for picking up any changes in air humidity.
Motion Detector
Great for detecting any sort of movement.
Night Vision Equipment
Night vision can be expensive but can also be extremely helpful when navigating in the dark. Be sure to grab binoculars since they add the benefit of depth perception.
Red Cellophane
In order to prevent light from being too bright and blinding you can cover the flashlight lens with Cellophane.
Use this to gain a broader view of the area in the dark.
Talcum Powder
On some investigations you may be concerned with human contamination, you can use talcum powder to search for evidence of human fingerprints.
Infrared Thermometer
An Infrared Thermometer can be used to track and locate cold spots from a distance, which people believe are indicative of paranormal activity. Just aim and pull the trigger at an object using the laser indicator and it will provide results in less than one second.
Digital Camcorder
Capture paranormal activity as it occurs with this essential device.
Walkie Talkies
This allows for a broader range of investigation while still being able to keep in contact with each other. It's also a safe option in case someone gets lost.
Having a watch on at all times is essential for not only coordinating your investigation but logging paranormal activity as well.
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