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Crescent Hotel - Eureka Springs, Arkansas
During construction, an Irish stonemason named Michael fell from the roof of this hotel andl anded into room 218, which is now said to be haunted as well as rooms 202 and 424 of the Cresent hotel. Among other paranormal activity, the main occurences seem to include wall banging, televisions and lights turning themselves on and off.
Stanley Hotel - Estes Park, Colorado
Room 217 of the Stanley hotel was the inspiration behind Stephen King's chilling novel "The Shining." The story which became a mini series was also filmed at this very hotel. Another room (room 418) is claimed to have most of the paranormal activity.
Copper Queen Hotel - Bisbee, Arizona
This hotel was built to accomodate a large booming population as Bisbee, Arizona was the largest mining town in the world. Hauntings by a spirit of a young woman have reportedly been seen in the hotel's cafe, as well as room 318. Door opening and closing by themselves, as well as electrical appliances operating on their own accord are just a few of the numerous paranormal activities that take part particularly on the hotel's 3rd floor.
Hawthorne Hotel - Salem Massecheusetts
This hotel used to have shared bathrooms when it was originally built back in the 1920's. It's been modernized since then, every room now has it's own bath however, one ghost still lingers within the past. In room 325, sounds were heard well into the night of a guests bathroom. The toilet was flushing on it's own, the light flickered on and off and so did the water faucet. The television in the next suite became loud. He complained to the staff the next morning and was shown that the only entrance to his room was through his own bedroom! So it was impossible for anyone to have entred without his knowledge. The guest surprisingly didn't mind, claiming that it was of no bother to him that he shared his bathroom, so long as it was a ghost.
The Myrtle's Plantation - St. Francisville, Louisiana
The ghosts of Myrtle's Plantation have always been widely discussed and documented as it is known as one of America's most haunted homes. Although it still remains unclear as to why it is haunted, there are a few theories. One of them are that a number of murders that were commited since the late 1700's. Another is that the site is actually built over an ancient Indian burial ground. Very chilling.
Queen Mary Hotel - Long Beach, California
Having a variety of psychic "hot spots", the Queen Mary is one of the most haunted hotels on record. It is permanently docked, however paranormal activity still remains throughout this hisstoric ocean liner. Haunted areas include the first class swimming pool, the changing rooms, the Queen's salon, first class suites, the forward storage room, and the tourist class swiming pool all happening to this day. Call ahead to reserve your spot. One of the most haunted hotels on record, the Queen Mary has a number of psychic "hot spots." This historic ocean liner is now permanently docked, but the ghostly activity continues. Cabin B340 is so full of disturbances, it is no longer rented out. The hotel offers haunted history tours, so call ahead to reserve your spot.
Hotel Del Coronado - Coronado, California
Guests and staff of the Hotel Del Coronado, have noticed peculiar happenings around their facility. Strange breezes, noises and images of a pale figure of a young lady raoming around in a black lace dress have been claimed by a number of people. they say that it is Kate Morgan, a young woman who checked into that very hotel back in 1892, arrving to meet her estranged husband for Thanksgiving. He never arrived to the hotel, and a few days later, the dead body of Kate Morgan was found dead on the hotel steps near the ocean. More than 37 abnormal readings were taken by parapsychologists in a single day in room 3502.
Le Pavilion Hotel - New Orleans, Louisiana
Four ghosts haunt the hotel Le Pavilion in New Orleans. One of the claims includes a teenaged girl named Ava, who has been seen to be looking lost and confused as she roams around the hotel. Reports indicate that around the 1840's, she was set to board a ship when she was fatally struck by a carriage.
The Heathman Hotel - Portland, Oregon
Guests in this hotel find items in ther rooms used when they return from a short departure. Another odd matter in this, is that the hauntings only occur in rooms ending in "03". This was explained by a visiting psychic with a theory that someone may have jumped to their death, and now haunts all rooms he passed on his way down. Specific rooms of paranormal activity include rooms 703, 803, and 1003.
Carolina Inn - Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Guests who choose to stay in the former home of Dr. Jacock's room on the second floor often find themselves locked out. It is said his ghost locks the door. The door's hinges had to be remove during an instance because it would not budge. Video and audio of paranormal activity in the hotel, including piano melodies, whispers, and orbs have been collected by various paranormal researchers.
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